• Prejudices about Epilepsy:
  • Epilepsy is a...
  • rare disease
  • hereditary disease
  • type of mental disease
  • a disease with a continual loss of intelligence (dementia)
  • incurable disease
  • mortal ilness
  • stigma
  • The truth about Epilepsy:
  • Epilepsie is a...
  • a common disease
    (0,5 - 1 % of the world population suffer from it!)
  • chronic disease
  • an organic disease which originates in the brain (cerebrum)
  • a disease which is characterised by repeated epileptic seizures
  • a disease which responds to therapy and can often be cured
  • a handicap when the patient's seizures unable him or her to become part of the surrounding social structures.
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Museo alemán de epilepsia en Kork