Home for Epileptic patients on the Pfingstweide.
Excerpt from the house rules from the year 1867
from: H. Heintel: Quellen zur Geschichte der Epilepsie. Huber, Bern, Stuttgart, Wien 1975
1. From April 1st to the end of September the bell will ring at 5 a.m., in the other months at 6 a.m., for the patients to rise. A patient may only stay in bed later in special cases which are sanctioned by the doctor.

2.Patients should dress themselves in their bedrooms and are expected to wash their clothes themselves. They should have a wash and brush their hair, and make their beds. Patients should take weekly turns to sweep the bedrooms. After this, the bedrooms will be shut and will remain locked throughout the day.

13. All people living in the home are expected to live together quietly and peacefully, to help each other and to do their duties. Friendliness, good manners and the loyal fulfilment of duty should prevail in this house.
  All quarrelling, cursing, all indecent behaviour, gestures or speech, all spiteful animosity, gossip and cruelty is strictly forbidden.

16. Patients are only allowed to smoke or take snuff if their doctor allows it.

17. It is strictly forbidden to consume alcoholic drinks. Any member of staff who helps a patient to do so will be immediately dismissed.

18. Every inhabitant has to keep the house clean and tidy to the best of his ability. Nobody may spit on the floor; cigars should be put out and pipes emptied only in the receptacles provided for this purpose.

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