Ludwig II.
Duke of Württemberg
(1439 - 1457)

Duke Eberhard with the Beard
(Ludwig's younger brother)

Duke Eberhard with the Beard

Museo alemán de epilepsia en Kork

During his life, Duke Ludwig of Württemberg was by no means a prominent figure, and he probably would have remained an obscure historical character had he not had epilepsy.

When Ludwig I of Württemberg died in 1450, he left two sons who had not come of age: Ludwig and Eberhard. The elder Ludwig was prevented from inheriting the dukedom because of a "serious infirmity", and his younger brother Eberhard (who became known as "Duke Eberhard with the Beard") took over the ducal governmental duties - under a guardian at first until he reached his majority.

Eberhard's elder brother, Duke Ludwig II, had been mentally retarded since early childhood and clearly suffered from the falling sickness.