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Emergency therapy (Instructions for the layman)
Sensible measures
- Move the patient away from danger zones
  (e.g. traffic, sharp objects and edges)
- Loosen chlothing, especially around the neck
- Place the patient on his side to avoid aspiration
- Stay calm and observe the course of the attack attentively
- Check your watch: Duration of attack?

Superfluous measures:
- Holding of the convulsing limbs
- Use of force to pry open the clenches jaws
  and to unfold the cramped fingers
- Cardiac massage; mouth-to-mouth respiration
- Restraining the patient in the case of impulsive
  hyperactivity (instead, accompany them calmly)

After consultation with the doctor:
the patient should be given drug treatment if the seizures continue for more than 2 minutes: Diazepam rectal® (5mg and 10mg rectal tubes). Action usually takes effect after 2-3 min
      - Babies > 4 months: 5mg
      - Infants >15kg body weight: 10mg
      - School-children: 10-20mg
      - Adults: 20-30mg
If neffective, i.e. if the convulsions continue or there es a renewed attack, this dose may be repeated after 5-10 minutes at the earliest. In such cases, always call an ambulance and inform relatives.

Source: Schneble/Ernst: Vademecum Antiepilepticum
(Note: No liability can be overtaken by the authors. The reader is urged to check the package insert and the professional information for each drug for any change or deviation, particularly for added warnings and precautions.)